This is a hobby project with the purpose that anyone should be able to create a competiton and predict the final table for a selected league. Everything is free and the competiton can be based upon pretty much any league around the world.

All statistics and scores are automatically updated and the participants will get regularly notifications about the standings. As an administrator all you have to do is to start and finalize the competition. As a creator of a competition you are of course free to have an internal prize and a fee to participate.


Create a competition from the menu. Choose one of the predefined leagues, or fetch the league ID from Everysport. Unfortunately Everysport is a swedish-only site, but try to find the league you want your competition to be based on and copy the ID from the URL.

When finalizing the competition, the winner will be picked and all users will get score added to their total score. There are two different types of competitions:

Table Competition

You bet on each teams final position and get 1 error for each position you are off. The winner is the one with least amount of errors.

Championship/Cup/World Cup

This type of competition must start with a group stage followed by a playoff phase. Such as World Cup, Euro Cup, etc. The participants first bet 1X2 in all the group stage matches, and then which teams will go through to each of the playoff phase. Finally, a winner will be guessed.

You get 1p for each correct bet during the group stage, 2p for each correct team to each of the playoff phase, and 5p for the correct winning team. The sensation team question can give you up to 10p extra. Based on how many other people in the same competition that has betted on your sensation team in their own ordinary bet. The fewer, the higher points.

Total Score

Every user also has a total score. This score is based on the result from all the competitions the user participated in, unless the competition had less than 6 participants in it. The total score is based on:

  • Number of errors in table competition.
  • Number of points in championship competitions.
  • Extra scores will be given to the winner of the competition.
  • Extra scores will be given if you guessed the winning team.


Questions? Is something broken? Get in touch!